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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

postheadericon Looking For Designer's

We are Currently Looking for Talented Designers/CT Established or not , we all need to start some where right?  Why not start out at a place that will let you grow with no hassles, no over the shoulder waiting for your next item to be placed in the store, or expecting you to participate  in every Collab in every store your in.  Real life gets in the way and you just can't spend all your time Designing, so, start here Stay as long as you want, Forever I hope, send an email and lets get this started!!

80/20 Commission, First 2 months You Keep ALL your Pay!!!  No Colabs unless you want to and then you get paid 90/10 if you do!!!  Win Win!!!!  No Sign Up Fees, no hidden costs any where, just real friendly people.

Hope to hear from you very soon...Junkin' Punkin & Cheyelle
Sunday, March 20, 2011

postheadericon Designers/CT Looking for a new Home???

Hello Designers and CT, we are looking for some new ppl for our New Store!  If Interested please feel free to email me at
1st 2 Month you keep 100% of your pay minus pay pal, naturally.  There are 2 ways you can make more then then usual 80/20 Commission though...
1st}  Be a Exclusive Designer in the Store
2} Participate in Colabs when we do them!  That's it!

We are a pretty laid back bunch we do NOT expect you to have a certain amount of kits in per month, look we all have lives, and other stores we're in, and daily life so that just isn't 
particle to expect anyone to adhere to those terms.

You want Different?  Then come join the Store with a Difference! 
Hope to Hear from you soon!

Digital Junque' Emporium
Junkin' Punkin Owner
Cheyelle Co-Owner

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Hope you like it!!  Thank you again!
Junkin' Punkin

postheadericon ~Welcome~

Thank you for visiting me here at my new blog.  I know there isn't much here at the moment but give me time and there will be.

If you like the look of my new Blog and are wondering where to get a look like this your self, head on over to Horny Roo she will hook you up in no time flat, and it didn't cost a fortune either.  Just $8 is what I paid a Great Bargain if you ask me, she had it designed and installed in 1 business day.  She is DaBombDigity I tellya!!!  LOL  I just love the look.

Any ways if there is anything I can do for u just let me know and I'll try my best ok?  If I can't find it, or get it I will tell you which store s may have it.  Can't promise you any thing though.  So any ways hope you like it so far and be sure to add your self as a follower, I'll repay the favor.  Thank you again....Junkin' Punkin

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Thursday, March 3, 2011